The legislator defines the powers and responsibilities of the Authority in such a way as to ensure its independence, make the exercise of its duties effective and effectively regulate the broadcasting sector.

The independence of the Authority is ensured by the following:

• It is legally distinct and functionally independent from the Government and/or any other public or private body.

• Its decisions are immediately enforceable, and their implementation does not require the approval of any state or other body. They are subject only to judicial review.

• It allocates its own resources, budget, staff, and services to carry out its business and fulfill its mission.

• The term of office of the President, the Vice-President and its Members is for six years, i.e. one year longer than the term of office of the President of the Republic and the members of the House of Representatives.

• The criteria for the selection and appointment of its President, Vice-President and Members guarantee their independence from political, economic and/or other influences/interference.

• The positions of President, Vice-President and Members can be vacated only under certain conditions expressly stipulated by the Radio and Television Organizations Law 7(I)/98.